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Holy crap I've let this thing go untouched for a LONG TIME!
I made a promise to myself to try and keep it up to date. HA! See how well I keep promises to myself? Be glad you're you, cuz I do keep my promises to my friends, just not myself, obviously!
Lots has happened and I think that's a LOT of the reason why I haven't been current in keeping this journal!
Nat is back from Aspen! YAY! It was a LONG 6 months without her but I think she needed to go and be out there ALONE for that time so she could figure some stuff out. She's back now, and she's found her direction and it's awesome.
We've started a business together. Cat and the Fiddle Productions. We're organizing fund raisers, concerts and corporate functions now. It's going rather well to start. We've got an account with the Montgomery Rodeo for June 9th and 10th. We've booked a singer for them and they seem very happy about it. On the evening of the 9th that same singer will be appearing at Pipers Pub and Restaurant at 9PM till 1 AM for more info, go to: Cat And The Fiddle
On to other things.......
My SCA stuff is going great. We have our annual Springtime Settmour Swamp event coming up on Memorial Weekend. It's called, "Quest": ~Mother Goose Eats Borscht~
I'm going to be an obstacle in the Quest but I am not telling what I'll be doing for fear that some of you gentiles will read this and therefore get past my obstacle with ease!
It's been a quiet SCA season so far, but as soon as "Quest" is over things generally start off quickly and then there are events every weekend to attend. I can't wait!
My friend Rik, in Michigan has gone to a Falconer....this is so cool! He took some pictures and is taking an exam to become an apprentice! I've only met ONE falconer in the SCA, and this'll be awesome for Rik!
Well, since I've got a darned cold, I'm outta here for now!
I'll try to keep up with this on a more regular basis! heeeheh
*~*~* Gabi *~*~*

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Holy crap, I HAVE to stop waiting so long in-between entries! hahaha I get caught up in stuff and I just don't MAKE the time to write. I HAVE to start being better at this.
Ok let's see..
My Friends, Elissa, Gary, Silvana, Heidi and Morgaine ( and of course *H*) and I have been out ghost hunting a lot lately. We went to an old graveyard and Gary did some temperature readings, and also got some interesting photos.
Elissa was explaining some of the weird stuff that we caught on film. It's interesting, though I'm still not convinced that what these things are, are ghosts. Well...I'll continue to go "hunting" with them and hopefully have my own stories to tell in time. So far I've really seen nothing.
SCA stuff is going great. We had Mudthaw. That ROCKED! The fighting tournament went well and it was SUCH a nice day that everything was perfect. I made the 3 awards that were awarded in Court after the tournament to the fighters. I think that they looked pretty good actually. The Baroness liked them so I think I may volunteer to do awards again.
Tomorrow is Elissa's birthday....I'm still unsure about what I should get her. I have this cute sheep thing for her...LONG STORY about the sheep... So maybe I'll give her that......who knows! hehehehe
Phillip was here for the Robotics Competition again in Philly. I missed seeing him due to a wedding that I had to go to in Pittsburgh....SO sad that both events had to be on the same weekend! I totally had a BLAST last year at the Robotics Competition. Here....check out this site...it has pictures from the Robotics Competition!NASA KNIGHTS
The pictures are pretty cool, and you can learn about Robotics at that site too. So go check it out!
It's been AGES since I've talked to my Pals, Roger and Laura on-line and I was just about to e-mail them when Rog popped on-line! This is a real treat for me! I haven't talked to them in SO LONG!
Ok.. I have errands that MUST be taken care of TODAY. For Example going to the postoffice, returning movie rentals and getting dog food!
Ok...I'll be on ICQ if anyone's lookin'
~ GabiGirl

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Cool. We're having a blizzard. Yeah, most of the NJ inhabitants are freakin' about this, but me being a Native to Colorado, I'm used to this stuff. People around here start wiggin' as soon as they see a snowflake. That makes for panic on the roads and ultimately leads to all the accidents that happen.
Oh well, I'm not goin' anywhere today so I'm safe from their stupidity.
It's friggin' COLD in here today. My hands are so cold that they have a bluish tinge to them. I look, "Un-dead"...heheh which in some cases is quite attractive. Just look at Angelus. :-) Now that's ONE Un-Dead guy who's really nice eye candy!
Anyway. I'm kinda creative today so I'm not gonna waste the day sittin' my butt here at the computer writing, "nothing much in particular". I think I'll trek downstairs and create somethin' or write or maybe just relish in my DAY OFF!
If you look out the windows to the West...they're all glazed over with a layer of thick ice. It's pretty. The trees are all glazed with glossy white snow and the roads are slushy.
Winter is and always has been, my favourite time of the year. A lot of folks see it as dreary, dead, overcast, cold and unpleasant. Not me. I like it. Fall and Winter are the best as far as I'm concerned.
Oh well! I'm off to be creative!
~*~ Gabi ~*~

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Ever wondered about things. I mean really thought like, "how do folk lore and monster stories get started" and that sort of thing?

Well I do. I mean I'm a huge fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff. I especially have an interest in all Immortal beings. "Highlander" is my ultimate favourite movie of all times. Just to think that there was a race of immortal people who were fighting for The Prize (Mortality). I think it'd be the other way around.

I suppose that immortality, to some, would be the ultimate curse...that is, IF the rest of the people in the world are Mortals. It would suck to be an immortal among mortals just beacuse you'd be staying the same age and your friends would all age and die. Think about it...that does suck. So they fight to be the last remaining Immortal, to gain the ultimate wisdoms of the world and to become mortal. Ok cool. See why I like this stuff so much?


I love the whole Vampire thing. I love the old Vampire movies, the new ones and especially, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel".

It's just the whole immortality thing appealing to me again I guess.

Oh well.....I just felt like blabbering about Immortals today.

Take care..I kinda lost my train of thought cuz the dogs needed to go out.

Grrrrrrrr Argggggg!


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School project to write a poem, rhyming all the end words on every line. GIVEN word to begin with was "RAIN"
This was my project and I proudly, got an A+!

I took a walk in autumns rain
I took that walk to ease my pain
I hoped by walking I would gain
A way to ease my troubled brain

The walk it seemed to ease that strain
That heavy weight that plagued my brain
Along the way I heard a train
As I trod the wet terrain

The whistle from that lonely train
Blew and Blew but all in vain
For no one in the town of Wayne
Would ever leave their homes in rain

You see, the tiny town of Wayne
Is sitting on a huge flood plain
And if you venture out in Rain
You'll need to call Sir Pellatain

A captain is Sir Pellatain
He has a ship in North East Maine
He'll be there fast when you complain
Of all the rain in tiny Wayne

I'm on my walk in autumns rain
I've called and called Sir Pellatain
I think the weather's got his brain
He just flew by in Gumphreys plane!

I'm never bothered by the rain
I guess I'll walk back home again
And on the way I will refrain
From rhyming all my words with "RAIN"

-Creative Writing Class 2001-

wow...I can't wait to actually BE IN VAGAS! ...I never have been there...it will be pretty interesting !
We're gonna tour all the funky hotels and their attractions. We're gonna go to Death Valley too!
tomorrow is the Canton meeting ....HERE at my place so I gotta vacuum, dust and straighten up the family room!
Ciao for now!
See ya later!

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Can you believe that January is already 1/2 OVER??? Where does the time go?
Well next week I'll be in Nevada.....so that'll be a VERY fast 2 weeks..then it'll be February already and that'll go fast too!
I'm working on a TON of stuff for our SCA event...Tea House of the White Crane on 17 February 2001. YAY for us...we're plugging along slowly...but I think we're getting stuff done pretty well!
Well..not much to report...just working on my websites..
PenPal site and My Sca Website
That's all that's new really...
So I'll end with a song...

Bonny Portmore

O bonny Portmore, you shine where you stand
And the more I think on you the more I think long
If I had you now as I had once before
I would cling to the memory of our love ever more

O bonny Portmore, I am sorry to see
Such a woeful destruction of your ornament tree
For it stood on your shore for many's the long day
Till the long boats from Antrim came to float it

All the birds in the forest they bitterly weep
Saying, "Where will we shelter or where will we
For the Oak and the Ash, they are all cutten down
And the walls of bonny Portmore are all down to the
***************************************************~! GabiGirl ~!

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Lonely Loch Shiel

By lonely, Loch Shiel in the heart of Glenfinnan
Where waters do ripple and sheep graze all day
My heart swells with pride as I gaze o'er the water
I know that my clansmen beneath my feet lay.

'Twas war and much hardship that made such strong people
A fire in their hearts and deep pride for their land
Beliefs buried deep beneath blood, sweat and tartan
No fear in their eyes, with Calymore in hand.

As I stand on the shores of Loch Shiel in Glenfinnan
I whisper a prayer on the cool, highland breeze
I ask that their souls are all peacefully resting
Allowing their spirits to soar here with ease.

By lonely, Loch Shiel in the heart of Glenfinnan
Where waters do ripple and sheep graze all day
My heart swells with pride as I gaze o'er the water
I Know that my clansmen, beneath my feet lay.

{Copyright 1999 }

Wow! It seems that I JUST got used to writing 2000 instead of 1999 and here it's almost 2001. Hmmm where does the time go?
Ok let's see where it all goes and why it goes so fast, shall we?

January 2000 -
Big month for us always. We have a 2 week vacation every year in California which ties into a manditory Medical Convention that my hubby needs to go to every year anyway. So we take the extra week to go goof off in Southern California! This year will be a bit different as we are taking the extra week and going to Las Vegas and the surrounding area instead!
The end of January are TONS of Birthdays in the family so...there's always something going on in January which makes is speed by!

February 2000-
February is a slower month. We have the post-vacation blues and it's usually cold as HECK which hinders ANY and ALL outdoor activities. *sigh*
Valentines Day is always a day to look forward to since it is the most romantic day of the year!
Ahhh Late February....we started in with our Medieval Recreationist Group called the SCA Due to the cold weather ( a lot of the SCA activities are outdoors) there isn't much going on in the winter in the SCA in this area. Ahhh but Spring is comin'!

March 2000-
Our 1st SCA event! YAY!! We met up with some SCA members at one of their demonstrations at the Kilmer Post Office Facility. It was being held at the post office annual faire event. It was pretty cool to see the SCAdians< all dressed in their Medieval Garb and doing a weapons demonstration in full armour! A Sight to see!
So it was at that moment we KNEW we had to join! Armour, swords and medieval STUFF! YAY!!
We spent the rest of February researching and studying Medieval History and getting our "Personas" all ironed out...well...atleast STARTED! HA!...Constructing a persona can take MANY YEARS so atleast we got started anyway! heh heh heh
March 2000-
Ahh the winds of March and.... "MUDTHAW"!!!!!!!!!
Ok...MudThaw is an SCA event...It's the "Welcome Spring" event..hey check out this website...it should have more information ----> Settmour Swamp Homepage This site is one of the websites for our "Barony", which is a region of land that is dedicated to a Baron or Baroness to oversee... basically a territory.
Like this :
The Barony of Settmour Swamp, located in the East Kingdom of theSociety for Creative Anachronism (SCA), covers northern-central New Jersey: Somerset, Morris, Essex, Union, Warren, Hunterdon, and northern Middlesex counties. Within the barony, the Canton of Gryphonwald covers northern Middlesex
county, and the Canton of Marwick covers Union County and the towns of Warren, Watchung, and Bound Brook. Students at Rutgers University (New Brunswick/Piscataway) can also
participate in the RUSCA club (contact Corinne Kosar).

April 2000-
Ahhh the warmth of the sun again...the daffodils and the tulips!
Lots to do in April! There are LOADS of SCA activities going on all over the place and the BEST part is getting ready for the Renaissance Faire of NJ! YEAH! The NJ Renaissance Faire is going on every year during most of May and June. It's really pretty interesting so if you live in NJ...contact Me, Gabrielle! and I'll give you details, directions and what ever else you may need to know about the NJ Ren-Faire.


MAY 2000-
Oh the last of the humid-less weather. Loads to do in May....there's the Memorial Day Weekend event called "QUEST" It's an SCA CAMPING EVENT! It's geared in a particular theme and every year is different....I can't wait to hear what the 2001 theme is! Last years theme was "Midsummers Night" ...twas pretty interesting....!

June 2000-
VACATION!!! Ahh the Atlantic Ocean breezes! Every June my hubby and I take a week off and go up to our vacation home ( owned by my fathers family) in Kennebunkport, Maine. Our house is one block from the beach and it's surrounded by lots of trees. It's very quiet and a great place to go to relax. The house has been in our family since the 1940's when my great grand father had it built for his wife and daughter and grandchildren as a summer cottage.
My grandmother still owns it and goes there every year and she's just turned 80! ( though you'd never know it!)
We love to shop in Kennebunkport and Arundel and the surrounding area...lots of Antiques and flea markets to discover!

JULY 2000-
**HUMUD** **HOT** **HAZY** BUT.......LOADS and LOADS of Renaissance Faires, SCA events and stuff to DO!!

AUGUST 2000-
Ok...August is best described in ONE WORD "PENNSIC" If you can imagine 10,000 people all dressed in Full Armour.....5,000 on each side all going to war...well then you can sorta imagine PENNSIC! And 10,000 tents and hundreds of merchants..all set up in a medieval town setting...THAT's PENNSIC!! And ALL SCADIANS LIVE for PENNSIC!! So check that site and see what all the fuss is about!!

August is also more of that same **HUMUD** **HOT** and **HAZY** but still TONS of SCA events to go to! I LOVE summer for this reason alone...SCA EVENTS !!
Ok yeah by now you can see that my whole life revolves around the SCA
I love August a lot because of how much daylight we still have and how many more hours I can be OUTSIDE doing something!
THIS AUGUST ..2001... we'll have dug all our flower beds and planted loads of pretty flowers and shrubs! I hope ALSO to get some trees for the back corner of the yard and also a fence in August....we'll see about that!

Some COOLER weather at last!! yeah.... as you probably KNOW already from reading the above paragraphs...I'll rant and rave about some SCA stuff!
September is great weather for Heavy Weapons Tournaments and Archery too.
September means going back for classes.....Ahhh College.....this is another time burner for me.
I LOVE COLLEGE...and to be honest I'll probably be a perpetual college student for the rest of my life! I love Creative Writing classes, medieval history classes, language classes and crafty hands-on classes too!

Ok this is my FAVOURITE MONTH OF THE YEAR! I get to go home to Aspen!!
Every October during the week of the 12th, there is a Celebration of John Denver's Music. So we travel back home to visit my Mom, Sister and Brother and also get to see some great concerts, meet up with about 500 friends and hang out for a week in Aspen.
Then my hubby and I drive to Denver and hang out in the Denver/Boulder/Colorado Springs area for a week of FUN, shopping , antiques and hiking! Colorado in Mid-October is SPECTACULAR!!

Woo Weee! Lookie here it's already NOVEMBER..see what I mean about how FAST the year went by??
Well November is when we start getting ready for the Holidays and also when we start getting ready for our annual winter event for our Canton Yeah it's another one of those SCA events! HAHAAHHA
November is great..it's AWESOME HIKING WEATHER...I HATE being all hot and sweatty in the humidity and in November it's pretty dry and cool out!

Ok folks..we ALL know how fast December goes....! Everyone is shopping, planning, traveling and wrapping presents ALL MONTH LONG! So December breezes by while everyone's hustling!!

Ok that was the year....SEE WHAT I MEAN? January is almost here already and this just starts ALL over again but with NEW memories to be made and NEW events to go to and NEW friends to make!

Hugs and Kisses!
ENJOY every minute of the upcoming year and don't let time slip away from you!!

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YAY! The holidays are OVER...well except for New Years! *Whew!* it seems like it's SO much more effort than it's worth every year. Christmas is over-rated and hardly anyone realizes the real reason for the holiday anymore. It's SO commercialised now a days that it's all about Gifts, shopping and that sort of thing. It's supposed to be a family holiday not a holiday to see who gets the better bargain.
ANYWAY... It's over so I'll stop my ranting and raving!
This year's New Years Eve party is here at my place.....I don't know how many will be here but I hope to have atleast 10 - 15 people to hang out. Yeah I know it's a bad night to be out and all but everyone can crash here! We've definately got the space!
I'm working feverishly on the SCA tokens for the Teahouse of the White Crane event! YAY! It's gonna be a BLAST! I can't wait...though I'm getting nervous about getting Japanese style garb in time! Oh well....if I do then YAY for me....if NOT...then OH WELL..I wear what I have....I can't be spending a load of money on garb that I'll never wear again.
Well Hubby is home and I'm gonna get supper started...manicotti! YUM! he LOVES THAT!!

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