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May 2015
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Gabrielle [userpic]
Could it be??

Ok get this!
I took a Home Pregnancy Test 3 days ago.... and it came up POSITIVE! I'm freaking out....I last had my cycle in March...so we've estimated that I'm in my 8th week!
The morning sickness started Monday....it was at 1st mild discomfort and then as the days go by it gets stronger and stronger. Today was the worst yet. I spent the hours between 9 AM and 3PM in the bathroom. :( That was not fun at ALL. I couldn't keep ANYTHING down. Not even 1 sip of water.
At about 2:30 I started to feel the waves of nausea subside and I ventured out to use the computer. I still wasn't interested in food, but atleast I could stand without running to the bathroom.
It's 18:34 now and I've had a little bit of supper. It's agreeing with me and I HOPE that I never get morning sickness like that ever again! EVER AGAIN!
I know that tomorrow will show the same thing....but atleast I'll be a little more prepared and have a small snack 1st thing when I wake up. I hope that'll stiffle the wretchid nausea a tad.
Ok so that's the news.
I will write more as we go along and keep a sort of "Pregnancy Journal" here.
I'm off to feed the dogs.
- Gabi

Current Mood: thankfulthankful
Current Music: Rasputina - Thanks for the Ether

Oh the joys of morning sickness....

Ne wayz, I just wanted to say congratz!!

Re: morning sickness

Thanks :)
I'm pretty excited :)
Do you have kids? This will be my 1st
` Gabi

Re: morning sickness

I have a son. No more for me for quite awhile though! I'm a "teen mom".

Me hope you feel better, smilez.
On the positive side, does this make me an uncle? lol


Absoultely it makes you an Uncle :)
Uncle Phil!

How ya doin'?
I'll be on later today, I have to go do some errands now.
How's it goin'?
Did ya graduate yet, or is that in June?
Here in NJ it's June 21st this year ( I think )
- Gabi

I've been doin oky. Just the end of the year, senior thingy. I'm flooded with tons of stuff to resolve. I'm having prom tonight tho, smilez. Prom is a killer, I've spent around 300 bux for prom, that's how you make a white, asian boy go broke.

I'm gradutating soon, June 13th to be exact. And the reason you havent seen me online a lot is cuz my internet is down at my house. I havent had the internet at my house in over 6 weeks, but I dont really mind it. I've been fine without it. For some reason, the fone at my house went did also, it jus DIED, lol.

I'm getin a fonecard soon, so I should be calling you sometime soon, smilez. Til then, love you later.

Do you WANT to be pregnant?

I noticed you listed chinese cresteds in your interests. I have one, a pp named Clyde.. I love him, am training him to be a hearing dog. He is brilliant.

Re: Do you WANT to be pregnant?

Yep I'm married and we've been trying for 2 years. :)

Oo cool, I have a Hairless male CC and he's just 3 years old. He's so silly, we call him the "Jester"
The Powder Puffs are SO CUTE! My friend has a PP and a Hairless and to see them together is hysterical!
That's awesome that you are training him to be a hearing dog! What kinds of things can a hearing dog do? That's fascinating!
- Gabi

Re: Do you WANT to be pregnant?

awwww... good for you then. Clyde.... is PP, but I keep him shaved, except for his tail and crest.. it is too hot, and dirty in NM for long hair. Hearing dogs alert to wake up alarm, fire alarm, telephone ring, door knock, door bell, someone calling my name... etc... any unusual sounds... and CC are smart and people oriented enough for this. :>

Re: Do you WANT to be pregnant?

this is awesome! You should write an article about what you are teaching him and submit it to a newspaper or to a dog magazine.
People would be fascinted to know how smart these little critters are.
My CC wouldn't do well with that. I got him at 8 months old and he was in a home with 9 other dogs and he's VERY skiddish. He's much better now, but he still has his nervous episodes when the doorbell rings or when someone walks near him.
the new Movie "Dogs and Cats" has a CC in it. This could prove to be BAD for the breed. As you know these dogs take a special kind of owner and I'm afraid that a lot of them will end up in shelters after the novelty of the movie wears off.
Anyway, I'm really impressed that you're teaching him such a great job! Let me know how he does!
- Gabi

bad for the breed

Yes, I agree about the movie... they are a very very labor intensive, time consuming breed, not the average happy go lucky bomb proof family dog.

Clyde had to be desensitized to alot of loud noises, when I first got him, he freaked out alot.. (I am loud, and I listen to loud music) he is still getting used to heavy traffic (crossing the street with cars whizzing by fast & loud). He is doing very good.

Article writing would be a good idea... :> I have only heard of one other CC who is a hearing dog, and have not been able to track him down (if you can spread the word in CC circles, I am looking).

I mad at you, lol. You're never home when I call. The silly answering machine constantly pics up. But me will still try to call.


Hey sweety!
I was in Maine! I missed your call :( BOO HOO!
BUT..the best time to call is Wednesday evenings.
Gimme yer number and I'll try to call you to save some $$...afterall you're a college boy now!
Me miss you
Love you


i got my number changed, it's (757) 369-1126. No fair, you travel tooo much, lol.


great! now when's best to call you??
how about Sunday night??
Love ya

Re: OO OK!!

I'm home most of the time, but sunday would be wonderful, smilez. *hugz*

Re: OO OK!!

:-) Ok Awesome!
hey are you still on-line at home?
How's everything? How was graduation?
I'm all psyched to hear all about it!
Love ya lots

Re: OO OK!!

If you are able to re-email me your address (I lost all of it when my computer crashed), I can write letters to you more. My internet is still down (pouts), Sooo, i havent been able to get online (I get on at friends houses).

Graduation went pretty well, I'm just happy it's over with. I'll mail you some of my pics.

Love you loads, smilez.

Re: OO OK!!

DAMN I Missed your call AGAIN :(
Shit! I was out watching the fireworks at the park!!!!
I will get to call you one of these days!
here's my email
Do ya still use ICQ or AIM?
Miss ya tons

Re: OO OK!!

lol, I ment email me your actual address, as in street address, lol. I dont use ICQ anymore (at least not for the time being, but i get on aim every fortnight or so.

Me missed you tooo, smilez. But I'm gonna try to call you again, Sunday.

Re: OO OK!!

here ya go
Gabrielle Rosen
17 Dixon Lane
Belle Mead, NJ
Hey I can't call ya this Sunday I won't be here at all this weekend. I'll be back on Tuesday and try ya then!

Re: OO OK!!

Oky, smilez

I finally got a car now.
A Honda Civic 85, I love it to death,
it's a stick, so it's all the better, smilez.
(I love drivin a stick.)