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May 2015
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Gabrielle [userpic]
Hellooooooooooooo Again! Long Time no write!

Wow...it's been several weeks since I've updated this thing.
Let's see.......where was I?
Oh...yeah...now I remember!
Well I went to Maine for the 1st week of June as we usually do. It was real nice this year. We were supposed to have rain for the entire week but it ended up raining only the Saturday that we drove up. We really lucked out.
Kennebunkport is beautiful in early June. There aren't scads of tourists yet and the weather is still mild.
We went on a lobster boat tour. That was pretty fun. It took us around the Kennebunk River and then out and around Walkers Point. We saw good old George Senior out on his fishing boat. That was a treat for the in-laws. He's a common site for me, I've met him several times and that novelty wore off MANY years ago! They enjoyed seeing him skipping along in his boat with his secret service lemmings right behind him.
Poor Aba got a little motion sick when we were sitting idle and learning about the lobster traps. I though he was gonna hurl, but he held together pretty well! Good man! :)
The week went rather quickly. We did a fair amount of shopping and hit all the flea markets and antique stores as well.
The nightly walks on the beach were the best! My dog, Bailey, LOVES the beach and she's in heaven when we're there. She chases the waves and barks at the water and runs EVERYWHERE. It's her vacation!

Well the Pen Pal site was just updated if anyone's interested. Here's the url:My Pen Pal Site
I also posted some pen pal stuff on my club board over at My Pen Pal Club
Go take a peek if you are interested in finding a pen pal :)

Ok..so what else is new?
Ahh..yes.... I'm now 12 weeks pregnant and have NOT started to show yet. According to the ultrasound the baby is about 2 inches long! lol it's SO teeny...looks like a little peanut! They've told me that at about 18 - 20 weeks they'll do another ultrasound and that's when the sex of the baby can be determined if the baby cooperates! hahaha Well..it really doesn't matter to me if it's a boy or a girl. I'm content with either one. I do know that my father in law is wanting a grand-daughter because he's had 2 sons and he has a brother and he's ready to have a little princess to spoil :) I think that's so sweet!
I have no idea..I have no feelings as to what the sex is. Beth is convinced that it's a girl. So we'll see if she's on the mark! HA! Christine is convinced it's a boy...so I have NO IDEA. We'll see when the time comes.

Ok.. what else?
Hmmm... Natalie is seeing some Michael dude. I'm really not sure about him yet. He's rather 'odd' and "distant". He doesn't want to meet any of her friends or family. I KNOW he works outdoors all day and is hot and tired at the end of a day...but being a hermit like that is just making all of us wonder what his friggin' problem is. As long as he treats Natalie right, I have no beef with him. The MINUTE he steps out of line he's a dead man. HAHAHAH
I am an EVIL WENCH, and I take shit from NO ONE!
See ya later
- GabiGirl

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hey how's it shakin'??!!!


How ya doin'?
How's everything?
My Hamsters are great! Minni is 2 and Pablo is 2 1/2 These are the heartiest Hammies I've EVER had!
My dogs are great too... Bailey went to Maine with us and had a BLAST! It was her 9th year there and she loves it more and more every time!
Balki wasn't impressed...he hated the sand! HA! Little prissy dog!
What's new wiff you?
Hope all's well
Take care!
- gabi!

Re: HI HI!!

Nothin new here really..just the heat wave! LOL

This is Bailey's first summer here in Sweden and he loves it so far! My hams are doing alright in this weather!

Take care,