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May 2015
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Gabrielle [userpic]
G' Mornin'

Ok well so it's Afternoon...what do ya want from me anyway? It COULD be morning where YOU are..I dunno so I'll say "G'mornin' If I WANT!
yeah I'm kinda ornery today. I guess it's just because it's SO nice outside and I'm stuck in here working on some guy's LAME ASSED website. He keeps changing his mind on everything and then wants to add stuff where it doesn't belong. Hey..he's paying me so I really can't complain but he's a huge DOPE!
He has NO idea that things need to be in balance to look decent. He doesn't care that it'll look crappy and I'm sure as HELL not gonna put my link at the bottom of this one! hahahahahahah

Anyway....my pal, Phil called me last night and I missed his call AGAIN!!! I was out watching the fireworks. It ALWAYS happens that I miss his friggin CALLS! :( I haven't talked to him in a YEAR! Yeah, we email back and forth and message now and then but we haven't gotten to really catch up in a YEAR! I'll call him ASAP. :)

Umm today I go for my 2nd Ultrasound! YAY! I'm somewhere around 12 - 13 weeks along and that means I am thru my 1st trimester and the morning sickness should calm down SOON! YAY!! I'm SO looking forward to that! I hate the morning sickness. It's NOT always in the morning. It gets me in the late afternoon mostly, followed by late evening Heartburn!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!

Ok..so I'm off to have lunch with Natalie!
Have a great day
- GabiGirl

Current Mood: productiveproductive
Current Music: Silence
Re: Hello! thanks for your post!

Caitlyn is turning seven at the end of August, so, my morning sickness days are loooong gone. :o) But, I'm hoping that one day I will be able to have another little one running circles around me. I think I'd even enjoy the morning sickness again. lol Hmmm, maybe not.

BTW, I've added you to my friends list. Hope to talk to you again soon. Keep me updated on your progress.

Re: Hello! thanks for your post!

Oo she's 7 already? wow I bet the time flies by!
Do you have any of the instant messengers?
I use ICQ - 42476715 (anytime!)
AIM - ConnersLass ( when not working )
and Yahoo - LilRedPippi ( when not working )
add me if you wish!

thanks for adding me to your friends list... now I'll have to figure out how to do that!
I still havent even gotten to check your journal yet! the day goes SO fast and work just interrupts me time and again! hahaha
- Gabi!

Re: Hello! thanks for your post!

Yep, time sure does fly by. My only advice as a parent would have to be...TAKE PICTURES!!! Take good pictures, stupid pictures and pictures you don't think anyone else will like...because in time you will sure cherish them. :o) You will even enjoy the one's that didn't turn out all that great. hehe

Yes, I have ICQ. The number is: 124709996.
If you want to add me to your friends list, just go to this link: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=spongeedreams&mode=full and click the little icon of the person with a plus sign next to his head. hehe This will add me to your friends list and you can check out my journal. :o)

Hope to chat with you soon.