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May 2015
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Gabrielle [userpic]
It's been a LONG TIME!

Wow..I really hate to neglect my on-line journal like I have been. But it's been a VERY VERY busy last few months.
Ok...1st up..I'm now 9 months pregnant and due in a few weeks. We've found out that we're having a girl and have decided to name her M'Kayla Arielle.
It's been a wild ride being pregnant but I'm ready to be FINISHED and have the end result in my ARMS already!
The baby's room is still being prepared, we have all the furniture, we just need to get the borders put up and get the crib set up and we're finished. It should all be done this week! (yeah right! )
Not too much is going on really. I'm keeping busy with my pen-palling and swapping. I have really become quite fond of decos and making them as nicely and creative as possible.
Um... ok..that's about it for my update today, I will DESPERATELY try to keep better tabs on my writing here in the future!
Cheers! I hope all is well!
- Gabi

Current Mood: restlessrestless
Current Music: NIN

*hugz* i gotta come up and see the baby sometime!!

Hey Phillip!

Wow it's been ages since we've chatted? Whatcha up to? How was the semester? Whatcha doin now?
Are you taking classes for Spring? Whatcha gonna take?

Re: Hey Phillip!

it's been a very very long time.

What I'm up to? I'm self-employed now. I'm working very hard to get my business moving. If you're interested about my business, I can mail you a CD, and if you're still interested after that; we'll find a meeting in you area. If you're still interested after that, one of my business partner, and I will fly up to your place to help you get set up. And we'll get to see each other, smilez!!!!

How was the semester? It was great! It didnt even feel like I even went to skool.

Watcha doin now? Hanging with my friends and work with my business (Au Enterprises).

Are you taking classes for Spring? Yeah, I'm already signed up.

Watcha gonna take? Pre calc, psychology, ....um, i cant remember the other 2 at the moment.