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May 2015
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Gabrielle [userpic]

Long time no write! HOLY COW!
Wow.. I can't even pick up where I left off, it was THAT long ago!
SO let's see.. .. what HAVE I been up to?

I have 2 gorgeous little girls. M'Kayla is 2 (1/18/02) and Elianna is 10 months (12/22/03). They keep my on my toes and run my ass ragged! We have a BLAST!
I will have to find out how to upload a photo or 2 somewhere...............

Life is good and busy. That goes without saying when you know I have 2 little ones to chase around! Ellie, the 10 month old, has been walking since she was 9 months old. So there's really NO rest for me during her awake hours. She finds the simplest things so full of joy..... (such as putting her hands in the dog's waterbowl and tipping it into a mass puddle. Or taking a handful of dirt and tossing it in the air. Nice eh? Hey ! who wants to babysit! ;) HEHEHEHHEHEHEH!!!

Wowza.....lots to write..... but gotta make good on a promise made to M'Kayla earlier today. GOIN' OUT FOR ICE CREAM!
bbk latah and will update then!

Current Mood: giddygiddy
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